Roof Maintenance

Roofs make sure that we are protected from harsh weather conditions and keep us safe from harm. Regular maintenance makes sure that minor issues are checked and fixed right away. Luckily, we offer a quality roof maintenance service that is budget-friendly and works around your schedule. Of course, aside from performing regular check-ups, you also need clean-up services and other maintenance procedures to keep your roofs in good shape.

Maintenance is the next step after a thorough roof inspection. Most homeowners prefer doing these types of maintenance processes by themselves. Unfortunately, climbing up the roof without the proper equipment can lead to some severe accidents. You are also at the risk of potentially damaging your roof without your knowledge.

However, when you hire professionals like us, you do not need to worry about buying different types of tools and equipment to perform regular maintenance. Our team of professional roofers will come to your home well-prepared and well-equipped to do the job. Call our agents to schedule your regular roof maintenance.

Ideally speaking, you should have roof maintenance scheduled twice a year during spring and fall. However, annual maintenance should also do just fine. This is to ensure that your roofs reach their maximum lifespan of around forty to sixty years, depending on the material. Nonetheless, all properties definitely need regular roof maintenance.

Our services come with roof clean-up that gets rid of any moss, algae, or possible pest infestations. We can also throw in a few minor repairs, such as lifting shingles or buckling loose flashings. Scheduling regular inspection and maintenance helps you detect minor issues before they become costly repairs.

Additionally, scheduled maintenance also includes gutter clean-up. Storms and heavy rainfall can often lead to a stuffed gutter filled with all kinds of leaves, branches, and gunk. Luckily, our professional roof cleaners will get rid of the unnecessary junk and dispose of them accordingly.

Every roof and gutter deserves regular clean-ups to prevent deterioration. Not to mention, an accumulation of dirt and debris can eventually fall over and lead to accidents. Addressing these fixes before they cause bigger issues helps you keep your property in good shape. It is also better to pay for small damages rather than a hefty repair bill paid upfront.