General Roofing

A good roof is one way to ensure that your property’s interior remains protected from the elements. This includes adding an intelligent and efficient gutter system and high-quality roofing materials. We will walk you through a few types of commercial and residential roofing materials that might catch your interest for better insight.

Traditional roofing materials are shingles. You can typically see this material in a bunch of residential properties because of its affordability and versatility. However, many commercial buildings in Edinburg, Texas, also adapt to using shingles because of their good performance under the sun.

Aside from the material’s versatile nature, it can come in different kinds. Regular shingles can be made from slate, plastic, ceramic, asphalt, and many more. But if we are going to be specific, our company offers an exceptional shingle roofing service. We also use affordable materials that you can use in a ton of different venues.

Similar to shingles, installing a tile roof is convenient and durable. At Edinburg Roofing Contractors, we make sure to use only high-quality and long-lasting tiles that can help your roof last longer than a few decades. Additionally, tile roofing is perfect for residential and commercial properties because of its natural water shedding and smart ventilation feature.

Another popular option is metal roofing. Because of a rise in industrial-type buildings and sleek exterior designs, metal roofing became a popular option for both commercial and residential spaces. Aside from their attractive finish, metal roofs are also a practical choice because they have a longer lifespan of around fifty years.

When it comes to any kind of roofing construction, we have got you covered! It does not matter if you want traditional asphalt shingles, tile roofing, or modern metal roofing. Our elite team of roofers will use industrial-grade materials to deliver quality results. So talk to us about your building and preferred budget today.

Our team of professional roof contractors are professionally trained and well-equipped for all types of roofing constructions. We have the essential tools, materials, and equipment to finish the job. It does not matter if you need a new metal roof for commercial use or a tile roofing solution as part of your routine house renovation. We can help you turn your commercial and residential properties into an eye-catching establishment.